Ivy Prep

After you take ACCUPLACER assessment

Ivy Prep can help you to be ready for your Math or English Course

If you took the ACCUPLACER assessment and didn’t place into the math or English course that you need, Ivy Prep can help you to prepare for your course without retesting. Ivy Prep in math, reading, and writing enable you to review in the topic and show that you are ready to take the math or English course that is needed in your program.

How Ivy Prep can help you to succeed

After you take the ACCUPLACER assessment, you may work in the Ivy Prep Program, which helps you to review in math and/or English. The process is easy! After you get your placement scores, meet with your advisor to go over the results. If you have not placed into your course, your advisor can help you get started with Ivy Prep. If you complete Ivy Prep for math and/or English, there is no ACCUPLACER retest required.

How long does Ivy Prep take?

The time needed to work in the program varies. For some students, it takes reviewing for just a few days. For others, it may take a few weeks. The time it takes to complete depends on your knowledge and how much time you have to invest in reviewing. You also may work with a tutor in your campus Learning Resource Center to help you when you feel stuck.


  1. Helps you to be ready for the math or English course you need
  2. Helps you remember material that you may have forgotten and to learn new skills
  3. It’s free of charge to Ivy Tech students



Ivy Prep gives you everything you need to be ready for your math and English course, including an Ivy Prep coach who will work with you to determine where you need assistance, monitor your progress, and answer your questions. Ivy Prep gives the support and preparation you need to have a great start to your college experience. Meet with your advisor to find out how to get started!



Ivy Prep is currently offered at the following campuses (click your campus for more information).